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Financing contributions for timber construction projects through carbon removal credits 

3-story wood complex

Project description

For the Swiss pilot phase from January 2024, property developers will be invited to take part in the certification process with their planned timber construction projects in order to gain experience for follow-up projects and benefit from the proceeds from carbon removal credits. In the pilot phase, questions regarding additionality, double counting and permanence will be addressed. The chosen approach favors property developers and takes into account the procurement of wood from sustainably managed forests.

Participation is open to all: Clients, architects, engineers, general contractors, total contractors and client representatives. 15-20 regionally and property-specific well-diversified construction projects are included. Confirmation of admission will be issued upon receipt of the declaration of participation.

Participation criteria

  • Property developers or the authorized client representative
  • The construction project is realized in Switzerland, Germany or Austria
  • The construction project has not yet reached SIA construction phase 6 “Management”
  • The construction project has more than 300m3 of timber volume installed in the supporting structure (EFH construction projects can be aggregated)
  • The wood comes from sustainably managed regional forests wherever possible. This can be proven by a certificate or certification (FSC, PEFC or similar standard)
Construction site wood
Wooden interior


Project input

If your construction project meets the participation criteria, please submit the signed declaration of participation and the completed data sheet (see Documents). A modest processing fee is charged for admission.

Preliminary examination

Timber Finance validates all applications within 4 weeks. All data is treated confidentially. The aim is to have a regionally and property-specifically diversified project portfolio. Timber Finance Association members are prioritized. The credits are sold by Timber Finance under a sales agreement.


After definitive inclusion in the pilot phase, the construction project will be monitored until completion and the specific issues of additionality, permanence and double counting on the property will be clarified.

Verification and certification

After the structural acceptance and documentation, the construction project will be verified, certified and registered and the carbon removal credits – subject to the final approval of the international CO2 methodology expected in fall 2024 – will be sold by Timber Finance and its partners. Construction projects are submitted in groups to the ICROA standard for carbon removal credits. 


If you have interesting construction projects that are planned in wood or are about to start construction, please submit your construction project using the application forms, the declaration of participation and the data sheet.

All necessary documents for the submission will be sent to you after receipt of the contact form.

Construction site

If you have any further questions, please take a look at the recordings of the webinar or contact us directly:

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